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Riverside Builders  LLC
The Piling People

Most coastal zones require home living floors to be above a base elevation.  Riverside Builders drives wood pilings and builds foundations for raised homes in eastern North Carolina.  An elevated home can give you a better view, a two story home, additional storage, and peace of mind when there is a storm.

We drive piling with a excavator equipped with a hydraulic tamper hammer.  This equipment allows us to drive straighter, better placed pilings.  The size of our machine lets us drive longer piling and drive the full required depth for a sturdier foundation. (see about us)      

 Piling foundations can be engineered for site built houses, modular, and on-frame manufactured homes.  A home on pilings can be completed quickly and at a lower cost than other building methods.  An elevated home will give you options to complete as needed or as your vision/finances develop.